"Egoistic," in the Objectivist view, means self-sustaining by an act of choice and as a matter of principle.

The wider principle demanding such egoism is the fact that survival requires an all-encompassing course of action. A man's life cannot be preserved, not in the long-range sense, if he views the task as a sideline serving some other kind of goal. If an action of his is not for his life, then, as we have seen, it is against his life - it is self-inflicted damage, which, uncorrected, is progressive. This principle applies without restriction, to every aspect of a man's actions; it is particularly obvious, however, when the aspect is not some complex means or lesser ends, but the ruling goal of a man's existence. To accept anything other than one's own life in this kind of issue - to incorporate into one's ultimate purpose any variant or tinge of self-denial - is to declare war on life at the root.

Leonard Peikoff
"Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand"
p. 231-232

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